Authors from across Canada and internationally hosted a webinar to highlight the key stories from a new publication called From Black Horses to White Steeds: Building Community Resilience. The book celebrates and critiques the dynam- ics of innovation, governance, and culture in place. Case studies from both sides of the North Atlantic illustrate episodes of “turning around”: evolution, transformation, and visionary strategy that breathe new life into the term “think global, act local.”

The book offers a narrative focused on the strength of local initiatives, the impacts of collective power, and re-envisioning local assets. They explore how various “dark horses” including minorities, small towns, peripheries, Aboriginal communities, those with little money, status, voice, or political leverage can rise to the occasion and chart livable futures. The webinar was an opportunity for Brian Beaton, Andrew Jennings, Paul Kraehling, Shawn McCarvill, Virginia McGowan, Brendan O’Keeffe, Carolyn Peach Brown, Angela Pollak, and Kyle Rich to identify the key lessons emerging from their respective chapters.

A recording of the webinar is available online: Further information on the recent book From Black Horses to White Steeds: Building Community Resilience can be found at The webinar was hosted in partnership with the Rural Policy Learning Commons.

 From Black Horses to White Steeds Information Sheet from Island Studies Press