Heather Graham is currently a MSc Rural Planning and Development student working under Dr. Ryan Gibson. Her main interests include migrant and newcomer experiences, heritage conservation and land use planning. Since January 2023, she has been involved in several projects. Over the Winter 2023 semester, much of her time had been spent on the project titled, “Urban Exodus: Understanding the Impacts of Migration to Rural Ontario as a Result of the COVID-19 Pandemic,” which is currently led by Dr. Sara Epp in collaboration with Dr. Ryan Gibson. She has also recently completed work for the Rural and Northern Airport Access Initiative, alongside Dr. Ryan Gibson and Chris Van Dyke. Currently, she is also involved in research related to newcomer attraction and retention, reviewing insights from workforce planning boards and Community Futures organizations in Ontario on innovative workforce planning strategies. In the Winter 2024 semester, she will complete her Major Research Paper on the state of heritage conservation planning in Ontario through the lens of municipal planning policy.

Research insights completed by Heather include research insights for the Urban Exodus project, 2023 Rural Symposium presentation, and a report on findings from the Rural and Northern Airport Access Initiative.