Communities throughout Ontario are seeking new economic development directions to support sustainability and revitalization. These new directions need to be built on local and regional assets and an understanding of economic development trends. The Corporation of the Town of Kingsville Tourism and Economic Development Committee hosted an two-day conference to explore these topics.

Dr. Gibson shared lessons on the future trends in regional economic development based on his experiences across Ontario, Canada, and internationally. As part of the presentation he highlighted eight key regional economic development trends that organizations need to consider in building strategic plans and future directions:

  • the influences of creative destruction and globalization,
  • the impact of increased mobility of young people and skilled labour,
  • the rise of place-based development strategies,
  • the transition from process-based funding to project-based funding,
  • the implications of fiscal austerity programs,
  • interweaving of economic development and social development initiatives/mandates,
  • the changing role of the state, and
  • the need for partnerships.

The Collaboration for Success conference was held in Kingsville, Ontario from November 9-10, 2017. The conference brought together elected leaders, businesses, economic development practitioners, and nonprofit organizations throughout the region. The conference was hosted by the Corporation of the Town of Kingsville Tourism and Economic Development Committee.

 Gazing into the Crystal Ball: Future Trends in Regional Economic Development

 Collaboration for Success Conference Program