The June 29th, 2017 edition of the Manitoba Co-operator profiled an article on the future funding approaches to infrastructure in rural Canada. The article, by Lorraine Stevenson, is based on a recent report and presentation made to the Senate Committee on National Finance. In early May 2017, Dr. Gibson delivered a presentation to the Senate Committee based on research conducted by the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation, Rural Development Institute, and the Rural Policy Learning Commons. The presentation, and accompanying report titled “Infrastructure Impacts on Rural and Economic Development”, encouraged the Senate Committee to consider rural realities when making infrastructure decisions.

Check out the Manitoba Co-operator article on rural infrastructure and the rural infrastructure report through the links below.

 New Report Calls for New Approaches to Paying for Rural Infrastructure (Manitoba Co-operator, June 29, 2017)

 Infrastructure Impacts on Rural and Economic Development (Gibson et al., 2017)