Recent transformations in global economies have impacted for rural places throughout Canada. While some rural communities have flourished, others have struggled. This has lead to the question, “What is the future of rural communities throughout Canada?”. As part of CBC’s series called Transformations, Dr. Ryan Gibson participated in a series of 14 radio interviews to discuss the factors influencing the future of rural communities, the resilience of rural communities, and illustrations of successful rural communities.

The radio interviews were an opportunity for Dr. Gibson to share information emerging from current and recent rural development research initiatives, such as recent books “The State of Rural Canada” and “From Black Horses to White Steeds: Building Community Resilience“. The interviews also highlighted research and initiatives being led by the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation and the Rural Policy Learning Commons. You can listen to Dr. Gibson’s interview with CBC Radio Ottawa Morning program. Dr. Gibson participated in 14 interviews, broadcasting in Cape Breton, NS; Edmonton, AB; Halifax, NS; Iqaliut, NU; Ottawa, ON; Québec City, QC; Saint John, NB; Saskatoon, SK; Sudbury, ON; Thunder Bay, ON; Toronto, ON; Victoria, BC; and Whitehorse, YK.

Listen to Dr. Gibson on CBC Radio Ottawa Morning