How can a community or region build a welcoming community? A community whereby new immigrants and newcomers feel welcome to move into, become engaged with local businesses, and contribute to the sustainability of the community. Based on experiences elsewhere, at the core is partnerships, dialogue, and commitment. During the Western Region Workforce Forum, Dr. Ryan Gibson shared perspectives on how rural communities can adopt welcoming community strategies to attract, settle, and retain new immigrants and newcomers. The presentation shared perspectives on rural immigration and research findings from rural communities in Canada striving utilize immigration strategies to address labour shortages in local and regional businesses. A copy of Dr. Gibson’s presentation and a handout with rural immigration reports and resources are listed below:

 Rural Immigration and Welcoming Communities: Implications for Workforce Development

 Rural Immigration Reports and Resources

The Western Region Workforce Forum was held in London, Ontario and co-hosted by the Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus and the Workforce Planning West. For further information on the Western Region Workforce Forum visit Social media comments from the presentation can be found below: