On September 28, Dr. Gibson delivered a keynote presentation at the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Ministry of Housing’s Northern Planning Authorities Workshop in Sudbury. The Workshop, themed Culture Shift, was an opportunity for approximately 150 municipal planners, planning practitioners, and members of Council to discuss new opportunities related to planning, changes in public policy, and case studies of success from across Northern Ontario.

Dr. Gibson’s presentation focused on understanding the new realities that communities and regions are encountered. Findings from the State of Rural Canada were shared with the workshop. Building on this understanding, the presentation three potential strategies from across Canada that hold insights for how the future of northern Ontario could move forward. These strategies focused on recognizing the wealth of natural resource extraction, philanthopry and community-based endowments, and innovative multi-community collaboration. A copy of the presentation and the workshop agenda can be found below.

pdf_icon New Realities, New Strategies: Moving Rural and Northern Communities Forward

pdf_icon Culture Shift: Planning Authorities Workshop Agenda

pdf_icon Online Resource Handout