How can researchers share their knowledge with communities and regions in a more useful format? A recent workshop in St John’s, Newfoundland explored this exact topic. Fifteen people from across Canada and Scotland joined for the Radio/Podcast Workshop that explored how to use audio storytelling skills to share knowledge. The two-day workshop helped participants understand what makes a good story, how to conduct an interview, what makes for a good sound recording, and how all the different elements of an audio story come together.

The workshop was facilitated by Christina Harnett (producer with CBC Radio) and Chris Brooks (author, storyteller and independent radio producer). Christina and Chris were able to share their experiences from journalism, documentary making, and radio programming. One the course of the two-day workshop participants conducted interviews, edited audio clips, and produced short radio stories.

The workshop was facilitated by the Leslie Harris Centre for Regional Policy and Development, the Rural Routes Podcasts research project, and the Rural Policy Learning Commons.