From June 15-18, rural development practitioners, researchers, and policy analysts from across North America and Europe will share rural policy initiatives through a Twitter conference! Over this period, researchers from Guelph will share a number of research updates. Anyone can follow the conference through the Twitter hashtag #icrps2021. Research contributions from Guelph will include:

  • Beyond City Limit (ations): Place-Based Innovation in Rural Canada and Northern
    Scotland (Ashleigh Weeden | June 15)
  • Advancing Rural Policy through Horizontal Relationships: Key Insights from a Pan- Canadian Initiative (Lissel Hernandez Gongora & Ryan Gibson | June 15)
  • Municipal collaborations in rural Ontario infrastructure Management (Melissa Visser | June 15)
  • Impoverishment Risks of Climate-induced Planned Relocation in Coastal Communities (Yanjun Liang | June 15)\
  • Embedding rural capital: Community Investment Funds in Canada and their implications for rural communities (Alex Petric & Ryan Gibson | June 16)
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Attainable housing in Rural Small-Town Areas: The Case
    of Center Wellington (Victoria Agyepong | June 16)
  • Virtual Insanity: Fixing broken policy loops in order to bridge Canada’s digital divides (Ashleigh Weeden & Wayne Kelly | June 17)
  • Understanding barriers of Nepali Immigrants living in Guelph to access recreational activities in City of Guelph (Niva Shrestha | June 17)
  • Becoming an Informed Rural Community Development Leader (Norm Regatlie & Lissel Hernandez Gongora | June 17)
  • Agritourism as a Solution to Rural Revitalization?: A Case Study of North Durham Region (Sarah Parish | June 18)

Conference Contributions from Day 1

Below are illustrations of the Twitter conference presentations shared on Day 1.

The Rural Policy Twitter Conference program outlining all the contributors, brief descriptions of research, and date/times for presentations can be found at . The Rural Policy Twitter Conference is hosted by the International Comparative Rural Policy Consortium.