The Farm Radio program was revived in Blyth, Ontario during the 2018 Rural Talks 2 Rural Conference! Farm Radio Forum was a weekly CBC Radio program that aired from 1941-1965. The radio program highlighted agricultural developments, techniques, and provided education to farmers across Canada. For more information on the Farm Radio Forum visit the CBC Archives:

Organizers of the Rural Talks 2 Rural Conference revived the Farm Radio program with two new episodes. The first episode focused on women in rural development and the second on rural investment. Dr. Gibson participated in the second episode. Dr. Gibson shared findings from the rural philanthropy research initiative that is currently underway across Canada. This research initiative is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Further details on this research project can be found by visiting:

Recordings of both Farm Radio episodes can be seen below.



After the Farm Radio broadcasts, an informal kitchen table discussion took place with journalists from Market Street Strategies. Dr. Gibson participated in the kitchen table discussion with Andre Vashist (Pillar) and Chelsie Hunt (Fair Finance Strategies). You can listen to this kitchen table discussion below.