During the Building Vibrant Rural Futures conference, Dr. Gibson and Logan Horrocks presented a poster titled Facilitating Rural Policy Connections. The poster presentation highlights the work of the Policy Fora team of the Rural Policy Learning Commons. The Rural Policy Learning Commons (RPLC) is a multi-year partnership striving to enhance rural prosperity by identifying and analyzing policy options relevant to rural areas. The initiative is evaluating these policy options in the context of national and international policy innovations. A key element of the initiative is to build leadership capacity among rural and northern researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners. RPLC consists of four research teams and seven knowledge mobilization teams. The Policy Fora Team is one of the knowledge mobilization teams.

The Policy Fora Team’s mandate is to support the dissemination of rural policy information among academics, practitioners, and policy-makers. The Policy Fora Team is responsible for three key activities: facilitating RPLC stakeholders to contribute to rural policy fora, supporting the organization of rural policy fora, and collecting and sharing information on upcoming policy fora focused on rural issues. This poster explores the activities and achievements of the RPLC Policy Fora Team in the first two years of the initiative.

A copy of the poster can be viewed below. Further information on the Building Vibrant Rural Futures conference can be found at www.guelph2016.crrf.ca.

pdf_icon Facilitating Rural Policy Connections