​The Rural Futures project at the University of Guelph is on a mission to promote the impactful research work happening in Ontario, particularly as it relates to rural people, places, and the environment. As an initiative aimed at promoting rural-focused research by students and faculty, Rural Futures is committed to making these outputs accessible to everyone.

Through our dynamic new directory, Rural Futures is shining a spotlight on the diverse researchers driving discoveries and innovations across disciplines. By profiling backgrounds, studies, and projects, the site gives visitors a compelling glimpse into the full rural research landscape. Want to learn about the latest in agriculture, sustainability solutions, community development strategies and lots more? The directory has you covered.

Over the past months, Rural Futures’ social media presence has captivated audiences with a series of researcher spotlights. Posts on Twitter (X), Facebook and LinkedIn under #RuralGuelph feature PhD researchers like Joshua Barrett who has explored the impact of policy and partnerships on rural economic development with previous research on labour mobility effects. Master’s student Rhiannon James is also exploring agricultural tile drainage and groundwater interactions. Lot of other weekly spotlight posts can be found by simply searching #RuralGuelph on Twitter (X), Facebook and LinkedIn.

Interested in exploring the accomplishments of these emerging talents and their unexpectedly relevant contributions? Take a closer look by visiting the Rural Futures website at rural.uoguelph.ca where you can immerse yourself in the dynamic realm of rural research. Featuring enlightening profiles and a continuous flow of engaging social updates, Rural Futures is committed to sharing the inspiration generated by the university’s most innovative minds, transforming the landscape of Rural Ontario.