Community development practitioners, policy makers, and community leaders gathered in London, Ontario for the 2019 Econous Conference. The conference highlighted how the new ideas that will be most transformational will be those that are created by and carried by communities. EconoUs2019 featured dynamic speakers, interactive storytelling and skill-building sessions, local and regional tours, a day for turning learning to action, and opportunities to network.

The School of Environmental Design and Rural Development from the University of Guelph were well represented at the Econous conference, including:

  • Katie Allen (PhD in Rural Studies)
  • Rachana Devkota (PhD in Rural Studies)
  • Ourlaine Pashley (MSc in Rural Planning and Development)
  • Niva Shrestha (MSc in Rural Planning and Development)
  • Rana Telfah (PhD in Rural Studies)
  • Ashleigh Weeden (PhD in Rural Studies)
  • Ryan Gibson (Libro Professor of Regional Economic Development)

The 2019 Econous Conference also marked the 20th anniversary of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet). CCEDNet is a national association of organizations and people throughout Canada committed to strengthening communities by creating economic opportunities that enhance social and environmental conditions. The 2019 Econous Conference was co-hosted by the Canadian Community Economic Development Network and Ontario Community Futures. Further information about the 2019 Econous Conference can be found at