In partnership with the Ontario Good Roads Association, Ryan Gibson, Ashleigh Weeden, Sean Markey (Simon Fraser University) and Jay Maloney (Simon Fraser University) from the Building the Future project re-launched a province-wide survey aimed at exploring the challenges and opportunities involved in rural infrastructure and regional economic development during a webinar hosted by OGRA today.

To complete the survey, please visit: 

The webinar provided an overview of ongoing research happening through the Building the Future project, and highlighted opportunities for rural leaders to contribute their insights and experiences.

As part of the project, Jay Maloney (M.Sc. candidate, SFU) is looking to develop case studies on municipalities currently engaged in Green Infrastructure initiatives connected to rural and regional economic development. Interested communities are encouraged to connect with Jay by email ([email protected]).

Thank you to Scott Butler and the team at OGRA for their ongoing support and engagement as part of the research team, as well as to the Building the Future funding partners at the Ontario AgriFood Innovation Alliance.