On January 15, 2019, the federal government announced the creation of a new minister of rural economic development. Bernadette Jordan (Member of Parliament for South Shore-St Margarets in Nova Scotia) takes on the new minister role. What does it mean for rural Canada? What should the priorities be for moving forward? Dr. Gibson joined eleven CBC Radio station morning programs to discuss the recent announcement, potential strategies for focus, and why urban Canadians should care about a minister of rural economic development.

Dr. Gibson participated in 11 interviews, broadcasting in Edmonton, Alberta; Kelowna, British Columbia; Kitchener, Ontario; London, Ontario; Ottawa, Ontario; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Toronto, Ontario; Thunder Bay, Ontario; Windsor, Ontario; Whitehorse, Yukon; and Winnipeg, Manitoba. You can listen to Dr. Gibson’s comments from the CBC Radio Ontario Morning program below:

Listen to Dr. Gibson on CBC Radio Ontario Morning
(starts at 2:10 mark)