The realities for rural and regional development across sub-national units of the North Atlantic have changed dramatically over the past years, leaving many rural communities struggling to address their revitalization and sustainability. Governments, both nation state and sub-nation states, have exchanged traditional strategies (i.e.: enhancement to business development, rural investment and service delivery, while trying to ease income and unemployment disparities) with a variety of new strategizes emphasizing innovation, entrepreneurship, and the export of natural resources. This research examines the next direction of rural and regional development policy in two sub-national units of the North Atlantic: Nova Scotia and South Kerry, Ireland. Both Nova Scotia and South Kerry exhibit similar demographic, economic, and policy contexts making them ideal for comparison.


Using the new regionalist theoretical framework, this research will examine the following four objectives:

  1. to identify the current rural and regional development policy and program approaches in two sub-national units (Nova Scotia and South Kerry, Ireland) and,
  2. to examine the degree to which new regionalism has been incorporated into these policies and programs

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