Timothy Hunting was born and raised in the small town of Cowansville, within the Eastern Townships Region of Québec. Despite its inconspicuous nature of being a small town of 12,500 people, Timothy treasures place-made memories of music festivals, nature walks, and watching Guy Lafleur play a charity hockey game at the local arena.

Having left Cowansville for Montréal to pursue post-secondary studies, the urbanism of Montréal inspired early creative projects. The attitudes and beliefs of local street artists in his short-doc, “Bombing Montréal” (2011), illustrated the yearning of a subculture wishing to express themselves in an ever-growing corporatized landscape and won Film of the Year of his graduating class at Champlain College Saint-Lambert. Motivated by strong interests in urban issues and design, Timothy then later pursued urban planning academically, where he graduated from Concordia University in 2017 with an undergraduate thesis focusing on utilitarian cycling among young families.

Today in Guelph, Timothy is a master’s student in Rural Planning and Development at the University of Guelph. His research focuses on the development circumstances of the many small and rural municipalities that are connected by The Great Trail. Timothy also is on the Guelph Film Festival Board of Directors, performs broadcast videography for Cycling Canada, and aims to establish a project coordination firm for cycling related initiatives (ciclo.ca).