Research Assistant

20151019_150017Souleymane is a passionate and dedicated fourth year Bachelor of Science student at Saint Mary’s University and will be graduating in 2016. His love for nature, adventure and knowledge directed him to attend Saint Mary’s University to continue his education and experiences. This past fall semester, he participated in a field course to the Gambia with the Geography department. During this first-hand experience in Gambia, he acquired knowledge on environmental threats and opportunities. Souleymane’s knowledge was enhanced by this learning experience in to which was complemented by the lecture-based academic courses and laboratory work. These experiences enabled him to apply concepts and tools to address environmental challenges in his home country of Niger, where desertification and other global change impacts are high. Souleymane’s goal as a scientist is to help reduce the consequences of Climate Change and to focus on the communities in his region where the people have the opportunity to live a better and healthier lifestyle.