Originally from the South of Sudan, Emmanuela’s family fled to the North of Sudan to escape civil war and possible persecution. Emmanuela was then born in Khartoum, Sudan where her mother decided that a better life was possible. They moved to Egypt, and eventually gained refugee status into Canada. They settled in Guelph, Ontario and have been here ever since.
Emmanuela’s experiences inspired her to pursue an undergraduate degree in International Development at the University of Guelph. She’s now pursuing a Masters in Rural Planning and development at the university. Emmanuela’s experiences fleeing civil war and resettling in serval countries has largely driven her research interests. She is interested in the challenges, issues, and policies that impact people who are forced to flee their countries of origin. Currently her research is focused on using Stigmatization Theory to examine how it impacts the integration of refugees, particularly in Sicily, Italy.
To learn more about Emmanuela and her ongoing work, please contact her by email at [email protected]