Below is a list of theses, dissertations, and major research papers completed by graduate students.

Adapting the Impoverishment Risks and Reconstruction Model to Climate-Induced Planned Relocation in Coastal Communities: A Case Study in Seine Bight, Belize (Yanjun Liang, 2021)

Agritourism as a Solution to Rural Revitalization?: A Case Study of North Durham Region (Sarah Parish, 2020)

Beyond the Smart City: Assessing Open Data in Rural Ontario (Alex Petric, 2018)

Challenges of Immigrants to Join Recreational Activities (Niva Shrestha, 2020)

Darkest Days: A Scoping Review of Violent Crime in Rural Canada (2024, Shanley Weston)

Evaluation of the Impact of the Provincial Policy Statement on International Agricultural Workers’ Housing in Ontario (Damilola Oyewale, 2024)

Exploring Food Insecurity in Rural Ontario – Food Systems & Community Based
Responses (Evelyn Shin, 2022)

Home on Borrowed Land: Geographies of Land Leasing and the Impacts of Colonial Land Policy on Housing in the Northwest Territories (Chris Van Dyke, 2024)

Housing Arrangements in the Integration and Experience of Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program Workers (Louis Helps, 2020)

Influence of a Global Pandemic for Ontario Newcomers: Challenges and Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Behnaz Bahrefar, 2022)

Lessons From Participatory Community Development in Informal Settlements in Honduras (Stephanie Patzer, 2019)

Local Trail Development Along Rural Canada’s Share of the Great Trail (Timothy Hunting, 2019)

Mutual Aid and Third Places during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Intersections in Nova Scotia & New Brunswick (John Dale, 2023)

Place, Power, and Policy in the ‘Nuclear North’: A Critical Comparative Analysis of Policy Narratives about Rural Innovation Systems Anchored by the Nuclear Energy Sector in Scotland and Canada (Ashleigh Weeden, 2022)

Rural Communities and the Pursuit of Funding Support; An Evaluation of BC Rural Development Policy (Danika Hammond, 2023)

Rural Telecommuters in Southwestern Ontario (Koren Lam, 2022)

Strategic Planning within the Community Futures Network of Southern Ontario (Luke Maloney, 2016)

The Becoming of an Ontario Shared Rural Vision: A New Narrative from Rural Ontarians (Marie Carmelle Ourlaine Pashley, 2021)

The Early Settlement Experiences of Syrian Families in Southwestern Ontario (Rana Telfah, 2023)

The Peaks and Valleys of Connection – Lessons from Smart Village Initiatives and Supportive Policies in the EU and UK for a Canadian Context (Blake Glassford, 2022)

Threats of Municipal Planning Policy on Heritage Planning in Ontario (Heather Graham, 2024)

To stay or to leave? : an assessment of the social, economic, and political factors that influence international students when deciding to remain in, or leave Nova Scotia, upon graduation (Jodi-Ann Francis, 2016)

Transitioning to the New Rural Cannabis Economy (Tracey Harvey, 2021)

Understanding Rural: A Comparison of Academic, Political and Lay Discourses of Rural (Neil Stoop, 2018)