The Rural Symposium is an opportunity for University of Guelph graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to showcase their rural research to Government of Ontario staff, rural community leaders, and rural businesses. The event facilitates knowledge translation/transfer and network building between graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, researchers, Government of Ontario staff, and rural stakeholders.

This initiative will facilitate three key activities: (i) a one-day knowledge sharing forum for graduate students at the University of Guelph to share their research with staff from the provincial government and rural organizations; (ii) an online repository to enable knowledge sharing after the event, and (iii) share knowledge emerging from the event and online repository to amplify the messages to a broader audience throughout rural Ontario.

Knowledge shared at the Rural Symposium will directly contribute to the challenges and opportunities related to the future of rural people, places, and environments across Ontario.

Research Team

  • Sara Epp (University of Guelph)

Project Resources


This research is funded by and the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance, a collaboration between the Government of Ontario and the University of Guelph.