Koren grew up in Brampton and has spent most of her life in the Greater Toronto Area. She attended the University of Waterloo, where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, Honours Geography, and Environmental Management. Koren has a strong background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), having developed this skill in both the public and private sector during co-op terms.

Through her learning experiences in the Rural Planning and Development Program at the University of Guelph, Koren has developed an interest in planning and social issues that rural communities face, particularly regarding the availability of broadband internet. Knowing the lack of broadband connectivity in rural communities to be an economic disadvantage, she is currently working with the Rural to Broadband Research Team (R2B2). Here she contributes her experience in geospatial analysis in hopes to improve connectivity in rural areas.

To learn more about Koren and her ongoing work, please contact her by email at koren@uoguelph.ca.